Ok this time I want to share with you my story about herblax shaklee benefit. I want to tell you, this ramadhan, while other people get easy to wake up for sahur, I got problem, and also I feel not so good, during my first ramadhan this year. So terrible, always sleep with my head spinning , headache, and also very tired. I found that this time I need vitamins that can help me, at least make me healthy in the morning for fasting.

I discover Herb-Lax, very good for me, just want to clean up my colon, ok this one, I need to eat after prayer, so that wake up for sahur, I need to throw away all the toxins from ramadhan buffet. Somehow I cannot push “rezeki” when somebody invites both of us to Ramadhan buffet. So everyone need to take herb-lax. So story story about herb-lax, I share with you some information about this vitamins, copy paste from this

What Is Herb-Lax ?

Herb-Lax is a standardized combination of nine different herbs that cause a gentle bowel movement within several hours. This gentle cleansing rids the body of:

decaying food materials
toxic chemicals and other toxic substances
bacteria and parasites

all of which contribute to the circulation of toxic agents throughout the entire body, giving rise to a multitude of “disease” conditions. Using Herb-Lax for internal cleansing will result in surprisingly good results, without the usual unwanted side effects of common, harsh laxatives. Originally formulated in 1917, Herb-Lax has been used effectively by millions of people over the years.

Who Should Take Herb-Lax ?

Anyone over the age of 5 years old interested in relieving constipation including:

the elderly
surgery patients
individuals who are taking narcotic pain medications which frequently cause constipation as a side effect

Anyone who experiences incomplete bowel emptying. A serving size of four tablets of Herb-Lax should cause a gentle bowel movement within several hours. By taking less than the serving size, one can still effectively speed up the flow of food and waste through the intestinal tract without causing diarrhea. Anyone performing a body detoxification

What’s In Herb-Lax ?

Herb-Lax is a mix of 9 standardized herbs which work sarcastically to facilitate gentle emptying of the bowel while reducing the occurrence of gas, bloating and cramping. Many of the herbs contained in Herb-Lax are used in cultures which utilize herbs directly after meals to aid digestion. The herbs used in Herb-Lax are:

senna leaf: stimulates contractions in the bowel and inhibits stationary contractions in the colon
buckthorn: recognized for it’s purifying effects* and constipation relief.
culver’s root: Culver’s-root, which is official in the United States Pharmacopoeia, is used as an alterative, cathartic and in disorders of the liver. Traditionally used because of it’s affinity for cleansing the gallbladder*
licorice: Licorice possesses anti-bacterial properties and is used traditionally to relieve stomach upset
fennel: Fennel is an anti-spasmodic. As a medicinal plant, fennel seed has been used as an antispasmodic, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, laxative, stimulant, and stomachic. Fennel has also been used as a remedy against colic.
anise: Anise is a soothing digestive aid. This herb is good for the treatment of colic, gas, and indigestion. The stimulant and carminative properties of Anise make it useful in flatulency and colic. It is used as an ingredient of cathartic and aperient pills, to relieve flatulence and diminish the griping of purgative medicines.
rhubarb: Rhubarb has been used in medicines and folk healing for centuries. It is recognized that rhubarb not only exercises a digestive action but it operates directly as a conveyor of bile salts. In the stomach its digestive effects cause an increase of the flow of gastric juice and induce their movement, thus favoring the processing of the contents of the stomach. Besides stimulating the secretions from the liver which convey the bile salts, it assists the intestine in regulating the absorption of fats.
blue malva: Traditionally, blue malva flower has been appreciated for its soothing properties.
Alfalfa : this one everyone know, very very good for total health buymyhouse7, father of all foods and goods for detox, and prevent cancer

Testimonials Reviews

This natural product is amazing to use. I depend on it everyday of my life. I had a problem prior being constipated for 3 days or more. Now I’m able to release myself everyday with the help of only 4 pills of Shaklee Herb- Lax. This product is safe, healthy, and most of all natural. I wouldn’t be the same without it !!

My family has used this for many decades with wonderful results. If you crush 5 tablets and sprinkle on your turkey in a bake bag it will be a delight. We love Herblax.

My wife has been using these for at least 35 years. Just hope the good quality and value never changes.

Shaklee Vitamins are the best. My mom would use and trusted Shaklee Vitamins only. I too use them. I would highly recommend them to all.

Have taken HerbLax daily since 1980. It is a good balanced product that works consistently. Shaklee products are very pure.1 a day good to go.

I have used Shaklee Herb Lax for years. Its not harsh but it works great. Just two tablets and it works well.

Shaklee Herblax is good, effective product. Have used it many years when needed.

Buy it all the time. Great Product.

My wife has used this product for years. She has tried others, and even some perscriptions, but always ends up ordering this.

Very good product but the price increase is getting a bit much

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