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Shaklee Weight Loss. Tired of trying yet failing to lose weight? Tried various diets but they didn’t work? Managed to lose weight but gained it back? We understand you. If you want a healthier start to refresh your body and manage your weight, this programme is for you. It’s EASY. It’s FLEXIBLE. It’s SAFE. It’s PROVEN.


I searched all kinds of quotes on the internet to make the title above. Ok, I chose this one. Why ? because health is everything.
When doing business, in our team, some come, some go, some are happy, there are many who are down. Because they are down, usually there is no sales, that is not there, because of floods, because of school children and all kinds of other reasons. End up has no motivation anymore.

For us, there is nothing that makes us happier when we get better with SHAKLEE. 10 years of travel, the ups and downs of business are already forgotten. But what is more important is that we are healthier, happier, thinner from the beginning of our involvement with the Shaklee business.

I never dreamed of being this thin now. I used to get on the scale, it showed a weight of 81kg, and at that time I thought there was no hope anymore, maybe I will continue to grow and grow.
But everything changed when I fell ill, because of high blood pressure, I fainted when I woke up for sahur. Alhamdulillah I am still conscious. At that time I was very stressed because my blood pressure reached more than 200. When I was in the yellow zone of shah alam hospital, I was determined to lose weight. Starting during fasting 2019, I could lose almost 20kg in 4 months. Kengkavan looks like it hurts. But I proved that it is not impossible to change with high determination.

Entering the pkp year, sometimes I’ve exceeded 25 bmi, but it’s been successful, I haven’t reached 70kg until now. I continue to study and study, even though my stomach is bloated, sometimes my blood pressure rises, I continue to be enthusiastic, because the more we learn about health, the more we will be enthusiastic. Our customers are also very excited when they see us getting younger, hahaha. They know we used to be fat.

Entering 2022, we feel more motivated to continue to be healthy, beautiful and energetic. Post covid season, long covid, many people don’t know how to recover. It can be said that it is a hot fasting month, long covid patients will have a difficult experience to fast this time.

Add more bad news from the Ministry of Health. KJ said many people will get cancer by 2030. Harituh heard that 1 out of 2 adults in Malaysia suffer from obesity. Add to that the news that many people die suddenly at a young age.

Everyone can buy health insurance, but when you’re lying in the hospital because you’re sick, you’re not happy. Although the hospital bill can be paid, pain is still pain, pain does hurt our body and our emotions. I also have a slight headache and it’s not good to work, it’s not yet the crazy pain when I was fat. After everything went wrong.
If you are healthy, you can work hard to find sustenance for your children.
If you are healthy you can serve the community.
If you are healthy, you can fight in the path of God.
Health is the real motivation. It’s only good when you get a profit when you help others become healthy. Not by just selling products, recruits buy stock only.
I will continue to share my skinny story with others. I always tell what I learn from day to day. Both of us now improve our daily diet. We will continue to inspire others. That’s the preaching we do for others.

We will continue to be motivated. Shaklee business starts with HEALTH. Starting with HEALTH comes WEALTH. If someone makes fake happiness, it will not last long. Don’t waste HEALTH just because of WEALTH in shaklee business.

Resveratrol Vivix

When it’s the sakkan festival, many people complain, eh, admit that the weight has increased, the clothes feel a little tight. You know, lemang ketupat rendang lasts for days, right?
It’s a different story with Mr. Z. The pants bought during the month are getting looser and looser. Just eat and sleep.

Be aware that during this Raya holiday, he will have an extra supply of polyphenols. In this polyphenol there is a substance called resveratrol. Resveratrol is known as a polyphenol that contains high antioxidants, and also ‘burns’ fat.

No wonder inchloss is getting more noticeable.

Those who have started feeling guilty about the clothes… this is the time to return to the right path…
All kinds of skinny programs at Shaklee. Some are strict, some are relaxed. It’s up to each other. But if you relax… the result is also relaxing.

And many admit that by taking products with resveratrol as a top-up in their slimming program, the results are more noticeable.
Those who haven’t tried it, it’s not wrong to try it. You can’t just be skinny but you can also get other things
P/S: the study below was not made by shaklee… just sharing for the sake of this powerful polyphenol.

Shaklee 180 Testimonial

“When I began my weight loss journey, I was over 400 lbs. with an A1C over 7 and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. At that time, I was on 13 prescriptions for diabetes and various other issues including high blood pressure, acid reflux, and IBS.

Nine months after starting Shaklee 180®, thanks to weight loss and improved nutrition, my BMI was down, and I was able to better control my health with diet and exercise.
Four months later, on February 1, 2017, I have achieved a 110-pound weight loss (and still dropping). What a triumph!!!†

Today is one of the best days of my life. I can truly say the weight loss I experienced helped me feel healthier and completely manage my diabetes!!”
Tamara Davis-Jack
Shaklee Family Member

†Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 Program are unique for each person, so results may vary. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Siti Norfarahiyah Bt Shaffei Lost 9kg

Feel Confident in Your Own Skin I felt constantly tired. Even a simple activity such as walking up the stairs seemed like an arduous task. I also encountered difficulties in finding the right fit of clothes, which dampened my spirits. After successfully lost weight with Shaklee products, I feel more confident in my own skin and I’m more energetic to face the day!

Norsyaheera Young Roc,. Lost 11kg

Feel Refreshed a. Lighter! After delver, I struggled to reach a normal Body Mass Index (nip I developed shortness of breath and pan In the leg when I stood for long After practising Intermtent fasting along wrth Shaklee products, I lost the excess weight and reached a healthier, normal BMI My body felt refreshed and lighter and I have higher energy levels to take care of my children.

Nur Syasadatul Nemo Binti Suhuras Lost 12kg

Happier with the New Me, I developed pain In the knees and shortness of breath when I tried to keep up with my daily activities. They prompted me to try Shaklee products Thereafter I noticed my weight dropped consistently and my eating habbits changed for the better. My skin looks health and my body feels better. I’m happier with the new me.

Michael Tan Chun Chet Lost 20kg Lost 20kgs in 2 Months

One day, I felt tightness In my ankles and pas In my feet Without realising It, I have gained a considerable amount of weight I looked for solutions and found Shaklee After consistent consumpbon of Shaklee products along with exercise and a healthy deb I lost 20kgs In 2 monthsl Many people complimented me on how much younger and better I lookl Thanks Shaklee, for offering an easy-to-follow weight management programme

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