vivix shaklee feel energetic. My name is Faridah and i am from Johor Bahru, my story happened a few years back when i got an attack for stroke, since i recovered from it my body is always under medication from doctor and i feel that my body always in fatigue after a walk or a long day, means that my body can’t be ‘renyah’ (malay word for can’t do a lot of thing with the body). Another thing that bother me is my sinus problem that have been blocking my nose every morning and already i tried a lot of treatment for this you name it, the candle, the aromatherapy and everything that is to try.

Met Shaklee Product

I met Jess when i was picking up my 2 daughter from school, he also is picking up his son at the school  and we both chit chat while waiting for our children to come out. After a few minutes, he said that he have a wonderful product called vivix that he want to show me. At first i am skeptical about it because i have tried a lot of product but since he want to show me why not it is no harm. So when he show the pamphlet the first thing that attracted me is the word Shaklee, because just in the morning my friend told me about how she bought shaklee for her infertility problem and i laugh at her and telling her “ada lagi ke shaklee ni?” and now again i hear the word shaklee. so back to the story, the 2nd thing that attracted me is the word fatigue and nerve problem because since the stroke i have this problem of remembering things. So i told him that i would look into it and ask my husband. That night i ask my husband about it and he agreed to let me buy it ( love my husband for this) and straight away give the money for it. so i contacted Jess to send me a bottle. vivix shaklee feel energetic

On my first day of Vivix, i opened the bottle that look like a cosmetic container but very interesting to look at and sip my first taste of Vivix, it is very thick and taste good too. After that i went to work as usual and for the rest of the day i don’t feel anything that change inside me. Coming home that night i was surprised because all this while when i come back from work i will feel the fatigued in my body but coming home that night i feel energetic, i wonder if Vivix works really this fast but i said maybe i don’t use my body that hard that day so i went to sleep. For years when i went to sleep in the middle of the night  i will wake up and drink water because my throat feel “pering” (malay word for very thirsty) but not that night i am surprise because i woke up and it is already morning.

That morning i feel strange because what i feel that i can breath easily without the feeling of blocked nose, and  i feel so excited because there is no more running nose and i can breath the fresh air in the morning, this sensation only i get after i went for a resdung treatment. I feel so excited that i can’t wait what this wonderful product will do more for me that day, because in just one day it work a miracle for me!

On the 2nd day of Vivix i feel that my body is like recharge and turn into a new me because i don’t feel the tiredness and the fatigue that haunted me before. even when my family and i went to the shopping complex to shop for our things. Before i have to rest a few times and when i climb the stairs i will feel a short of breath. Now it is no more! i can walk the whole day at the shopping complex and not even feel the pain in my feet that i always had. i called Jess and told him about it. He said congratulation your body has been renewed

Yes! my body has been renewed thanks to Vivix that make it happened!  I am now so passionate about Vivix and so belief in the product that i stop taking my medication for high blood, until now it has been 5 days since i drink vivix and my high blood doesn’t rise, my body feel wonderful and renewed, i also can’t wait what vivix will do to my skin, the age spot. I am very excited about this product that i want to share it with all my friends and family. Thank You VIVIX! vivix shaklee feel energetic

Vivix Shaklee Ingredients Energetic

Shaklee vivix has 4 main ingredients:

1. Muscadine grape
rich source of polyphenols, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
the only grape with 20 chromosomes, instead of 19.

2. Polygonum Cuspidatum
natural source of resveratrol

3. European Elderberries
contains potassium and large amount of vitamin C that strengthen the immune system
powerful antioxidant help protect cells from damage

4. Purple Carrot
source of vitamin A and contain phytochemicals rich in antioxidant, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory that prevent disease and health enhancing properties
rich in Anthocyanins, a plant chemicals that is a potent disease-fighting

Factors that we facing daily tend to weaken our cells natural defenses, lower cells energy and damage DNA and decrease cell performance. Studies show that ingredient in Vivix help at each of those issue at our cellular level.

Moving towards a better health? Consider Vivix.

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