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Vivix high blood pressure ? According to statistics from the CDC, around 70 million people–1 in 3 Americans–suffer from high blood pressure. Half of these individuals have their blood pressure under control, probably with some form of blood pressure medication. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be a silent yet deadly disease, one that doesn’t necessarily need to be managed by medication.

While there are some rare hereditary conditions that make it impossible to control blood sugar with just exercise and diet, most people have the ability to use dietary strategies as their first line of defense.

How Resveratrol Supports Normal Blood Pressure

Resveratrol is a natural plant compound typically found in grapes, chocolate, and almonds. Its antioxidant capabilities have been studied for years and have revealed many health benefits — protecting cells and DNA, regulating a healthy blood sugar, or protecting skin from UV damage to name a few. A recent meta analysis shows that resveratrol may play an important role in supporting blood pressure health by regulating systolic blood pressure.While more confirmation is necessary, this is great insight into the power of plant compounds.

Other Benefits of Resveratrol

Resveratrol provides similar effects of calorie restriction in terms of cellular protection. Resveratrol may reduce irritation and improve blood flow through vessels. Resveratrol may even support hormones that play a role in blood pressure. Foods high in resveratrol may also contain a number of other beneficial compounds and nutrients, like antioxidants and fiber, that are responsible for supporting blood pressure.

Other Ways to Support High Blood Pressure Naturally

A healthy diet and regular exercise are the best ways to get blood pressure under control. Avoiding sugars–including high-sugar fruit juice–in order to avoid the blood sugar spike that inadvertently leads to a rise in blood pressure. Also, just by walking every day, doing yoga, sprinting, or any other physical activity you enjoy, you’re a step closer to balanced blood pressure.

VIVIX : 10 X More Powerful Than Resveratrol

Vivix is a combination of resveratrol-polyphenol, which contains 4 super ingredients, muscadine grapes, european elderberries, purple carrots and polyganum cuspidatum. Our blog’s name inspired from this powerful fruits potent, with high concentration ellagitannins and ellagic acid. This cellular anti-aging supplements have several health benefits including:

Helps and protects cellular DNA
Impact genetic regulators to fight cellular aging
Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, with increase the cell energy
Reduces the AGE protein
Supports heart health and cardiovascular function
Supports brain health
Enhances immune system
Promotes cellular longevity
Higher antioxidant to fight free radicals

Resveratrol in vivix also helps resolve hypertension through several mechanisms. It lowers the inflammation of the cells into the blood vessel wall and increases the ability of the blood vessels to respond to changes in blood pressure.

In addition, resveratrol has been recently identified to lower blood vessels and heart muscle causing hypertension. Resveratrol also acts in brain cells to increase blood pressure due to dietary or hormone factors.

Shaklee’s Vivix™, is a powerful breakthrough in anti-aging at cellular level. In laboratory studies, the ingredients in this remarkable anti-aging supplement have been shown to impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.

* Your daily dose of Vivix™:
• Helps protect and repair cellular DNA*
• Positively impacts genetic regulators*
• Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis (more cellular energy)*
• Slows the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycation End products) proteins* (plaque-like substances found in the cells; especially noticeable in diabetics)

Vivix™ also:
• Supports heart health and cardiovascular function*
• Supports brain health*
• Supports immune function*
• Supports joint health*
• Promotes cellular longevity*
• Promotes good health and well-being*
• Supplies antioxidants; fights free radicals*
• Increases cellular energy*

How can Vivix improve so many health functions by slowing the aging of cells? Aging is related to onset of major illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and etc. Therefore by slowing down aging process at cellular level, Vivix™ delays the onset of age associated diseases. It starts with Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is the active ingredient in red wine and has been hailed by the leading scientists as the key to unlocking the secrets to living a healthier, longer life by slowing cellular aging.
WebMD: “Resveratrol may prolong life and fight age-related diseases. Resveratrol is one of a group of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols found in red wine that has been reported to have anti-inflammatory as well as anticancer properties. Resveratrol may counter type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance”

Fortune Magazine: “Resveratrol is the ingredient in red wine that made headlines in November when scientists demonstrated that it kept overfed mice from gaining weight, turned them into the equivalent of Olympic marathoners, and seemed to slow down their aging process. Few medical discoveries have generated so much instant buzz…”

Vivix is by far the most powerful, most potent, and the most pure natural resveratrol anti-aging supplement on the market today.

Vivix™ is the combination of the most powerful super grape found in nature and ultra-pure, natural resveratrol. A 30-day supply of Vivix™ delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine. One teaspoon delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine. This anti-aging dietary supplement is all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.


I have vivix high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic and beta blocker combination medication. Usually even with medication my systolic ranges between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80). After five days on Vivix™ my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59. The only thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix™. The past few days, my bp seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70. That’s pretty pleasing to me. I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications. I do supplement with magnesium and CoQ10 to counteract what my bp medication causes in nutrient deficiencies, but I’d rather not have the stuff going through my system.

I have not been on any other medications, not changed my diet any and my exercise level is still around 7500 steps a day. Overall, I seem to have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I would recommend that you take Vivix high blood pressure in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy throughout the day.

Genia Powell

source: globalhealingcenter

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