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Shaklee Vivix Beautiful Skin. Hi everyone, good evening, good twilight zone, oh I write this article at Maghrib time in Shah Alam , Selangor, Malaysia. Lets talk about this topic. Every women, and even men love to have it, a gorgeous skin, flawless skin, and beautiful skin. What is the meaning of gorgeous ? For the first time I heard this word from Jackie Chan movie, GORGEOUS, with hot looking actress, can you guess ? Shu Qi. So that I knew gorgeous symbolize beautiful. First lets discuss what cause your skin look so terrible and horrible like “pontianak” or zombie. Some popular artist in Malaysia cover up their face with very very thick makeup, for example 10 inches makeup like Rozita Che Wan. Shaklee Vivix Beautiful Skin

Why We Old People Got Damaged Skin ?

I not say that we old people, but somehow like me, or others look older than their biological age. When we young, a scratch on our face maybe easily disappear for the next day. As we get older and older, you will notice, its very hard to remove all the unwanted damage on our skin. From pigmentation, aging spots, redness, acne scars,wrinkles, and sagginess, all these type of skin problems are occurred, several factors like:

  1. Sun Exposure – actually sun exposure in the morning is very good source of vitamin D, but somehow exposing too long can damage our skin, added with UV pollution that we face nowadays.
  2. Harsh Weather Elements – some of the weather, like wind, cold, rain, and heat can slowly make us look older. In Malaysia, people stay in industrial city, are exposed to acidic rain. It can slow down our immune system, and makes our skin look so bad.
  3. Environmental Pollution – this type of pollution can affected our skin, and totally our health. In Kuantan, Pahang, some citizens have already fed up with this bauxite mining, with bring more disease to Kuantan people’s.
  4. Dehydration – This topic ┬áhave already been discussed in this blog. Why is it important to drink waters ? In heat weather, you need extra water to maintaining your skin humidity. You can read my last article about dehydration here.
  5. Cigarette Smoke – The cigarette smoke can be so dangerous to smokers, and also their family, their friend, and people that close to them. With smoke, or particularly the Carbon type smoke, can affected vitamin C level in our body. Vitamin C is crucial part of collagen production. What happen is that, your face look older, every notice how smoker face look older than their age right ?
  6. Exposure to Chemicals In Personal Care Products – Some products, like skin products that want you look white, contains mercury, that not good for your health in long term. All people in Malaysia are crazy about white and fluffy skin. My advice, please use nature based products.
  7. Poor Diet – Malaysian people, always eat “nasi lemak”, “roti canai”, fried banana, easy speaking, all type of oily food. During Hari Raya, we eat crazy-crazy rendang, lemang and ketupat. All this kind of foods so high in cholesterol, fats and very oily. Some of us, like my daughter don’t like to eat vegetable. Oily faces can make wrinkles, pigmentation easily grow.
  8. Lack of Exercise – As Malaysian is consider as the fattest people in South East Asia, some of us still not go to 30 minutes physical activity. We look older, as our body need oxygen that make us fresh and healthy.
  9. Alcohol and Drugs – Some of Malaysia, drinks and drive, so dangerous to others road user. With no control and advice from doctor, drugs can be dangerous to our body system. It will affected our outer look from misuse of drugs.
  10. Stress – this number one killer in Malaysia, stress is the main factor that can change totally our biological system, which can make us sick slowly, without we notice about it. We try to eat so many foods that not good, plus with drinking alcohol, that not good for our skin.
  11. Bacteria, Infections, and Medical Trauma – Our body will act on bacteria, make our skin become red. This is because our immune system is not good enough, react on this infections, fight the disease slowly. Our defense system also important, as skin changes are symptoms of our health problem.

The “Photoshop” Effect of Drinking Vivix For Gorgeous Skin

I know if you want beauty gorgeous skin, you will type on google, yahoo, or any search engine at your office, either you work with barisan nasional goverment or private sector at lunch times. You will find so many tips, like drink many many water, eat clean like parasite detox program like 360 ireach gangs, or do exercise everyday. What can I say, most of the tips you should do, or must do, that the basic things for healthy living. This post, because I want to sell Vivix to you, so please consider picture above, why not try clean up, detox your body, with super liquid supplements from Shaklee. The power of the secret ingredients, don’t require any surgery or Botox injection like Anuar Zain. So pleas contact us, so if you want to get marry in 2 weeks now, please consider vivix, so that your “mak andam” will have no problem to makeup you, your face will glowing like Neelofa .So don’t wait too long, get your Vivix. Oh almost forgot , I compile some pictures from this blog, thank you. Shaklee Vivix Beautiful Skin

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