Fall in love shaklee vivix, what the heaven on earth, to have such super grapes supplementation, known as VIVIX from Shaklee Corporations. Although there are so many great products from US, I also have a dream to have Cinch Bar, Vitalizer, Mind Works, Energizing Soy Protein with strawberry flavor, to name a few, its  just enough to have love shaklee vivix  for Malaysian market. For those who don’t know, certain products not available in Malaysia, for some reasons. OK, lets focus on why we both love vivix, first thing first lets talk about supplementations.

Why We Need Supplements, Even We Eat Healthy

All we know, Malaysia is rank the most diabetic people in South East Asia, which mean we are the fattest people in this region. In current studies, a projection shows increasing numbers of Malaysian burdens with diabetes disease, which average 200,000 adults per year. Although we try to eat healthy, running 5 kilometers at beautiful garden, there are many factors that will effect our health, internally and externally. We cannot avoid it, for example like toxic ingredients from vehicles can reduce the level of vitamin C in our body. We can live in beautiful clean village, but it was 99% impossible to live in the clean, very natural place in this century, as many of us works in the big city like Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Penang.  Lets take a look all these factors.

1. Our Body Cannot Create Certain Nutrients

As we learn in form 1, for the first time in secondary school, or maybe some of you have learned science from standard 4, our body is made of from trillion of cells. From cells, it transform to tissue, from tissues to organ, from different organs to make a complex system, and all combinations of systems make the living organism, like human. How we look today, how we feel, how we perform its totally affected by our daily nutrients intake. Every tiny tiny cells need a proper supplementations.

Vitamin is a compound of essential for life, and since your body cannot manufacture some essential nutrients itself , it have to take from the foods that we eat, plus with supplements that we consume everyday. For the longer period proper nutrients impact our health, so that we can prevent the nutrition-related disease such as heart disease or diabetes.

2. Prevention of Major Disease

Research shows that major disease can be prevented, by proper nutritions. If we don’t eat well, not exercise, chances of getting fast is so easy, which lead to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. If you watch the video above, with proper nutritions,

80% of Heart Disease in women is preventable. #1 killer in the US
60% of Cancer-related deaths can be prevented. #2 killer in the US
90% of  Type 2 Diabetes is preventable.
3. GMOs, Toxic and Fast Foods

Its cannot be prevented, with living in the big city, we cannot avoid fast foods, although we have boycotting some companies like mcdonalds, our children, even we as parents sometimes want to eats  KFC, McD, A&W and many mores. Also, we have hormone-injected chickens for our foods, for fast chicken foods todays. Some of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods have been found in our supermarket recently. Have you realize that our water-melons seed is white rather black ? do you all eat grapes with no seeds, almost kids love that right ? All of this foods can be considered as GMOs foods, are not healthy, and dangerous to our health. Some countries, produce a square-box-shaped water-melons, oh what the heaven.

From Resveratrol To VIVIX SHAKLEE: Supplements For Our DNAs ?

Although the term resveratrol firstly used in 1939 by Michio Takaoka, its has not been so popular, until in 2006, Dr David Sinclair, from Harvard medical school published a journal on Nature. Its was shown that the middle-aged mice, with high calorie diets, can be physiologically change to standard age mice with increase survival rates. After that resveratrol supplementation have been talking points in US, with a chance for anti-aging solution works on cellular level.

Can you imagine that French women is not getting fat, although they eat high-fat diets ? The secrets in the Red Wine, which contains resveratrol, Somehow Dr Sinclair mention its it better to have 300 glasses of wine per DAY !!! Oh no, as Wine is so expensive, and not all races, drinks wines, and to have 300 glasses per day, is so impossible, although you are rich like Donald Trump of King of Saudi.

VIVIX : 10 X More Powerful Than Resveratrol

Shaklee Corporations love shaklee vivix, with Dr David Sinclair have working together to produce, a special patent-pending liquid called VIVIX. Vivix is a combination of resveratrol-polyphenol, which contains 4 super ingredients, muscadine grapes, european elderberries, purple carrots and polyganum cuspidatum. Our blog’s name inspired from this powerful fruits potent, with high concentration ellagitannins and ellagic acid. This cellular anti-aging supplements have several health benefits icluding:

Helps and protects cellular DNA
Impact genetic regulators to fight cellular aging
Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, with increase the cell energy
Reduces the AGE protein
Supports heart health and cardiovascular function
Supports brain health
Enhances immune system
Promotes cellular longevity
Higher antioxidant to fight free radicals

Vivix Testimonials : Fight Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes

There many testimonials, in Malaysia we have several videos, claim thats their health are getting better, from disease to healthy, better health. Just imagine that, our shaklee families, especially their father and mother, are getting better, more energetic after taking vivix. Lots more to come, as last week, we receive a good response from our customer,her father getting better, with doctor was shocked to see all the readings, getting better to  normal readings. So there are no doubts, with supports from clinically test, published scientific findings, vivix is the best supplementation you should have everyday.


Do you want to pay thousands of hospital bills  ? or just RM 500 per month for VIVIX ? Grab your vivix today. You can click down the link below for online payment, where shaklee will post your vivix to your house/office. Call us now, we will deliver your vivix. We accept COD in Shah alam, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Menara TM, and UM. Gets your love shaklee vivix

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