Cure Diabetes With Food ? Hi everyone, so long time to wait to have an idea, no, actually i’m bit lazy last week, maybe because Internet problem that i’m facing at my parents in law house. Last day in village area, lot of rubber tree, I finally knew why I cannot connect to Internet, the answer is simple, I type WRONG PASSWORD.

Thats some excuse I can make to you, that I need to recharge my energy and enthusiasm to write powerful article. For today lets discuss serious topic, about diabetes problems. In Malaysia, of every other site of the world, Diabetes cannot be cure.

But the good news it, research show that by eating very good FOOD, diabetic patient can improve their health, without letting your foot to be amputated, which mean cut off your foot.

What Is Diabetes ?

Simple question but is not easy to answer, (even clever girl Malaysia ).  Diabetes is type of disease when your body cannot store or use glucose properly. When glucose is contain in your blood stream, causing your blood glucose to rise too high. Many people hear about diabetes have two types, but actually it was three.

  1. Type 1 – rare case of Diabetes, where you body cannot produce insulin to process sugar in your blood. Insulin is type of hormone that enable your body to use glucose founds in your food, converting to energy for your daily usage. Normally this kind of people, have to inject insulin everyday for survive. 
  2. Type 2 – the most popular in the world, and also in Malaysia, where your body doesn’t enough insulin. Some case your body cannot use insulin properly. The popular name of this problem is called insulin resistance, where insulin not functioning well to convert glucose, which cause sugar rise higher in your blood stream.
  3. GDM –  Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, found regularly on pregnant womens. Its can affect the baby health, where strict diet should be applied to until the baby is delivered. Some worst case, after deliver the baby, this disease still occur, and can affect mothers health. 

Eating Proper Food Can Cure Diabetes ?

According to WebMD, Diabetes cannot be cured, thats confirmed, when you facing type 1 diabetes. Some experts suggest pancreas transplantation so that your body can produce insulin, but is not easy task to perform. In different cases, type 2 diabetic person can enjoy some food, which slowly improve their insulin performance to detect glucose in blood stream. You can search everything about super foods for diabetic person, from dark chocolate, green tea, omega-3 and many more.

Recently, Resveratrol has been kind of interested for many researchers that it can be magic tonic to cure diabetes. As resveratrol has popular connection with anti-aging solution, researchers found that it can be used to treat major disease like heart problem, high-blood pressure, and cancer. Here you can read some major studies about resveratrol in fighting diabetes.

Research On Resveratrol

  • 1986 – Researchers find out that French people are healthy, although eat high fat diets, more than American does, but what surprised them that French women are not fat, compare to Americans, and they not suffer too much on Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). This was called  a French  Paradox, and main intention in this  research is the Red Wine. 
  • 2006 – It was found that Red Wine contain very good healthy polyphenol called Resveratol, that contain in the skin of grape fruits and also in dark chocolates. Dr Sinclair found and teams found that a life span of rats with high calorie diets can be elevated with resveratrol supplementation. This properties of resveratrol are good for major disease like cancer, high-blood pressure and also good for diabetes.
  • 2013 –  Two studies from different countries hailed the power  of resveratrol for diabetic people. Studies conducted in India  and Iran , shows that resveratrol should be considered as adjunct to standard diabetes medication. In other words, resveratrol supplemantion are important in diets of diabetic patient that take anti-diabetic drugs.

Research on resveratrol in scientific world keep growing and growing, with some findings shows the positively result in resveratrol supplementation, while some may arguing or denies the full potential of resveratrol.

VIVIX : Ten  Times More Powerful Than Resveratrol Alone ? cure diabetes with food ?

The very major big problem was that to get an ideal supplementation resveratrol, we need to drink 100 glasses of red wine every day, which not impossible, and not to say about Halal manner in muslim country  like Malaysia. By  the way, thanks to SHAKLEE, we can enjoy a new revolutionary anti-aging products, VIVIX . Compare to regular resveratrol :

  • a triple patented natural blends of diverse polyphenols
  • Shaklee added a polyphenol blend from Muscadine grapes to their purified resveratrol
  • Vivix delivers 100 mg of resveratrol per serving ( one teaspoon), with 98% extracts are natural.
  • Vivix is combination of resveratrol with polyphenol of Muscadine grape, the only grape with extra chromosome.

Easy speaking, Vivix is the only HALAL source of resveratrol that Malaysian can benefits to get to the French Paradox diets. This super tonic blended liquid supplementation works at cellular level, manage to repair DNA and give energy to every unit of cells in our body.

cure diabetes with food

Vivix Testimonial On Diabetes Patient

Above picture shows that Malaysia enjoying Shaklee products, with powering their daily supplementation with Vivix, they can improve from diabetic problems. Its help them feel energetic, and somehow repairing the scared and the dead cell caused  by diabetes disease. And also I quote some testimonial all around the world about their feelings about Vivix. 

Testimonial 1

As you know, I am diabetic with all the problems that go along. One of my greatest fears is losing my legs as my grandfather lost his from diabetes. I suffered severe neuropathy in both my legs and feet. In addition to that, I had 3 stints put in my left leg last summer and was diagnosed with PAD. I was experiencing severe leg cramps nightly.

Hardly a night went by when I wasn’t awakened by them and had to jump out of bed and walk around. This would happen several times a night. Since taking Vivix, I have not been awakened a single evening with a leg cramp. So wonderful! And I can feel my toes again. They no longer feel like wooden appendages down there. Bless Shaklee and Vivix! I now experience full nights of restful sleep. Cathi S. Lindall, CPA. cure diabetes with food

Testimonial 2

This is my story and my progress. Early 2006, I was diagnosed as a TYPE II Diabetic. January 2008, I had progressed to a moderate diet & exercise program. But my Metformin intake was now at 1500 mg per day . Average blood sugar levels of 150 to 160 mg at fasting. After 30 days, I was getting almost no substantial results on 1500 mg per day, so I switched to ZERO Metformin and replaced this with 2 Cinch Shakes and the 2 Glucose Regulation Complexes per day.

Almost within a 4 day usage period. My Blood Sugar levels went to 125 mg per day at fasting. Have been maintained that way for 7 months. At the New Orleans conference. It was stated that VIVIX has beneficial properties of helping glucose to move quickly into the cells.

A Type II Diabetic’s main problem is that glucose does not enter the cells either fast enough. Or in the proper amount to give the cell enough energy to do its work.

Vivix Help

Ah .. Ha ! VIVIX can help the glucose to move more efficiently into the cells which should help my TYPE II Diabetes. After being on VIVIX for 2 weeks with still taking the Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex . My Blood Sugar Levels went down to 85 to 115 respectively with normal variation. I can’t tell you what this means as a labeled TYPE II Diabetic. I have energy, but more importantly a better outlook to my future. John Lafferty

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